What are the Benefits of Mapping Your Supply Chain

Supply chain mapping is the part of the foundation for building a responsible risk-based quality and supplier management program. Facing global sourcing disruptions, businesses need visibility to prevent unauthorised subcontracting and unethical potential weaknesses and secure their brand image.

In this session, QIMA’s Emi Vrioni will deep-dive into the world of supply chain mapping, and explain how technology can help achieving much-needed visibility and transparency.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why it's important to map your supply chain

  • Practical advice on the different ways businesses can go about the practice using audit programs

  • Smart technology to collect data and visualize your supply chain


Emi Vrioni QIMAone speaker

Emi Vrioni is currently a Business Development Manager at QIMA, where she specializes in helping companies use technology to improve their supply chain. Before taking her position at QIMA, Emi worked for Sedex, an international organization in London specializing in sustainability and supply chain management.

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