The quality control software that (re)connects brands with their supply chain 

The QIMAone quality control software platform helps consumer goods businesses achieve quality excellence across their supply chain by digitizing their operations.​ Brands and retailers can now:

  • Prevent product defects and failures throughout the production process​,

  • Get end-to-end visibility across their supply chain​

  • Collaborate efficiently with all their suppliers​ 

Over 17,000+ companies trust QIMA to improve their quality operations!  

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Global businesses have improved their quality and compliance management using QIMAone as their supply chain software platform!

defect diagnosis and measurement checks for inspections

Get smarter control over your supply chain

Monitor your inspections to deploy risk-based initiatives via your team or factories! Perform risk analysis to prioritize risky purchase orders!

Dashboard for Risk analysis , risk mitigation and defects

Save time and optimize your costs to increase efficiency!

Leverage the use of smart automation and standardized process to increase efficiency by optimizing your resources

Transparency across all inspection and audit checks

Achieve complete visibility across your value chain

Collect actionable real-time insights to track product quality, supplier and inspector performance! ​

A collaborative quality management platform to empower inspectors and suppliers with the use of modern technology

Inspection review

Digitize inspection reporting

Make smarter decisions using interactive reports with photos, videos and analytics ​

risk mitigation and risk analysis

Mitigate supply chain risks

Gain insights into a factory's risk of failure to anticipate potential supplier risk​

Collaborate using dashboards and interactive reports with your suppliers

Collaborate with suppliers

Communicate with your suppliers using collaborative reports and live messaging to make smarter decisions

Supplier metrics, KPI, data visualization

Track performance with analytics

Identify defects, pass/fail results, best and worst performers using actionable indicators

A compliance software to help you digitize your operations

Anticipate defects with corrective action planning

Trigger corrective action plans with your suppliers to identify the follow up tasks and find out the potential root cause

Transparency and mapping supply chain for better Quality control and management

Map your entire supply network

Track products from source to consumers and establish a transparent partnership across your supply network

This is how our clients improve productivity and quality with QIMAone!

Major and critical defect rate reduction​

Average time saved to manage inspection booking and reporting​

more self inspections performed yearly ​

Join innovative brands who digitized their quality control management with QIMAone

Guess Inc improves product quality with QIMAone platform

QIMAone helped us centralize all our operations from combining onsite quality checks across distribution centers to allocating our resources efficiently based on supplier performance. This really helped us digitize our operations.


Reduce operational cost and save time managing quality with the help of digital reporting, automated booking, and actionable insights​!

Why is QIMAone different from other solutions?

By choosing QIMA as your supply chain quality improvement partner, you benefit from a complete solution combining software and services:

  • A best-in-class collaborative software platform built with the latest technology
  • Expertise built from millions of inspections performed in the past 15 years for consumer goods companies
  • Global presence with more than 2,500 inspectors available in one click within QIMAone platform
QIMAone Quality and compliance Software!

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QIMAone, QMS platform with built-in dashboards with quality inspection insights and supplier performance scorecards.