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Globally-located QIMAone teams ensure you make the most of the platform.

QIMAone onboarding


Smooth onboarding

Your dedicated Success Manager has quality assurance training to help you get maximum value out of QIMAone.

Our technical experts ensure a smooth onboarding experience, for both your team and your supply chain partners. We empower all stakeholders with industry best practices for data integration, workflow optimization and analytics setup.

QIMA quality assurance

Keep your supply network on top of their skills

The QIMAone Academy provides off-the-shelf and custom training courses featuring proven operational workflows and best practices in product quality improvement, built from QIMA's extensive quality and compliance experience.

We create custom certification programs, including e-learning and onsite training, to ensure that your inspectors are trained and approved to your processes. The QIMAone Academy provides standard and customized training courses. Designed using QIMA's extensive quality and compliance experience featuring proven operational workflows and best practices in product quality improvement.

product quality improvement training


Get support exactly when and where
you need it

Access our helpdesk through an online portal to get answers and troubleshoot issues.
Our global support team is online 24/7 to help you.

QIMAone global support
improving product quality
  • Qima Plus
  • On-demand inspections and audits

  • Book certified QIMA experts dispatched onsite globally within 48 hours with just one click.

  • Trigger re-inspections with QIMA when your data shows potential accuracy or integrity issues at your suppliers.

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