Solutions for hardline industries

QIMAone software solutions help brands, retailers and manufacturers in hardline products ranging from toys to furniture improve quality and compliance at every tier of their global supply chain.


Tailored for the hardline industries

With a wide variety of products and constantly evolving consumer safety regulations, navigating quality and compliance in toy, electronic or cosmetic industries is a unique challenge.

QIMAone solutions help companies in hardline products improve quality and compliance management
  • Standardize your quality processes across your supply chain
  • Prevent and assess risks at every level of your hardline supply chain
  • Collaborate throughout your sourcing ecosystem to deliver high-quality and safe products to your consumers
  • Ensure suppliers and inspectors meet your standards and best industry practices

Discover how QIMAone can help your hardline business

Why QIMAone ?

QIMAone is a collaborative quality and compliance platform built by QIMA to help Apparel brands and manufacturers improve product quality and supply chain visibility. Discover the 5 criteria that will make you consider QIMAone as your next quality management solution.

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