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QIMAone software solutions help food brands, retailers and manufacturers improve quality and compliance at every tier of their global supply chain.


Tailored for the food industry

The complexity of global supply chains in food industries and the risk of food safety scandals make managing food quality and traceability a great challenge for supply chain professionals. With QIMAone,you ensure that all stakeholders involved in your supply chain are collaborating seamlessly on the same processes using the same standards.

QIMAone saas software platform to improve quality and compliance management at every tier of global supply chain.
  • Ensure food quality and traceability meets your standards
  • Assess fresh produce quality and prevent any safety risk at every level of your food supply chain
  • Monitor your network of farms, warehouses and retail stores and track performance with actionable insights.
  • Ensure your food producers meet the expectations of retailers and consumers

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Why QIMAone ?

QIMAone is a collaborative quality and compliance platform built by QIMA to help food producers and retailers improve food quality and traceability. Discover the 5 criteria that will make you consider QIMAone as your next quality management solution.

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