End-to-end supply chain visibility

QIMAone Network mapping provides end-to-end visibility through each step of their supply chain, from source to shelf.

Map supplier and location tracking for all inspections and suppliers

Track where things come from

  • Visualize your product journey from raw material factories to stores
  • Track inspectors’ location to prevent unauthorized subcontracting
  • Ensure that your quality standards are implemented every step of the way

Make your supply chain more resilient

  • Identify the regions with high-risk factories using QIMAone Risk Radar
  • Review inspection reports and trigger preventative actions
  • Gain knowledge about the sub-tier suppliers you didn’t know existed!

Predict and prevent risk through risk radar and corrective action planning
Analytics and real-time insights into inspections and supplier performance

Monitor your supplier performance

  • Connect all your sourcing partners on a single platform to efficiently collaborate
  • Make decisions based on transparent quality and compliance insights
  • Diversify your sourcing footprint more efficiently in case of external crisis

Watch our on-demand webinar about the importance of supply chain mapping. Emi Vrioni shares practical advice to achieve a responsible and resilient supply chain.

Analytics and real-time insights into inspections and supplier performance


Expand visibility beyond finished products by fostering transparency using digital tools across your supply chain.


Identify and establish relationships between your suppliers by enabling real-time communication across your supply network


Track product from source to consumer by mapping all the touch points of your supply chain.

Learn how QIMAone can help you improve quality and compliance operations

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