Going Digital With Inspection Management Software


Going Digital With Inspection Management Software

Going Digital With Inspection Management Software


Going Digital With Inspection Management Software


Going Digital With Inspection Management Software

Going Digital With Inspection Management Software

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Where there was once a filing cabinet, there is now inspection management software.

A digital quality management platform will help you schedule, track, and learn from your business’s many inspections without having to keep track of paper documents.

But can inspection management software do even more for your business--like boost customer satisfaction and streamline productivity?

We will look at some key features of effective quality and compliance software, as well as the many ways your supply chain can benefit from taking quality control and compliance digital.

What is Inspection Management Software?

Inspection management software consolidates all activities related to inspections in your supply chain into one digital platform. This allows businesses to efficiently manage inspection checklists, schedules, results, and corrective actions.

Through a single cloud-based quality management platform, you can access past inspection details as well as upcoming inspection checklists without the hassle of digging through physical files.

Additionally, data analysis capabilities of professional inspection management software offer you the opportunity to see a bigger picture of your supply chain, with quality markers and KPIs trending over time: weeks, months, and even years. 

Altogether, inspection management software provides you with an information hub for all your quality control activities, making your QC data easy to access and simple to understand.

The Benefits for Your Business

How do the different features of inspection management software impact day-to-day business practices?

Digitize Your Business

Smart businesses are moving away from paper reports, and the smartest ones have already made the move. By digitizing your inspections with the help of quality and compliance software, you can condense all your quality control information into one place.

Going digital with a professional software solution allows you to securely store your supply chain data, access it from anywhere, easily share it, and quickly get the insights you need to make informed decisions for your business.

Faster Inspections

Faster inspections streamline your manufacturing and sourcing process, helping increase your company’s productivity and profitability. Providing inspectors with easy access to vital information, such as product specifications and client instructions, decreases the overall time needed for inspections without compromising the level of scrutiny.

Furthermore, since inspection and testing requirements can vary widely from product to product and client to client, ensuring that the correct process is followed every time can be very time-consuming. With automated workflow management, you can be sure that correct specifications and testing requirements are communicated to all inspectors as and when necessary.

Less Rework Time

The sooner a manager can review an inspection report, the faster they can act on the relevant information and fix any problems that may need attention.

And if a member of your quality team can be alerted to any discovered defects or non-compliances in real time, their ability to act fast is even greater, and the timely intervention can save you money and help avoid disruption in your supply chain.

Finally, when historic inspection data can be consolidated and analyzed to reveal larger manufacturing risks, you can spot trends and patterns, and drive lasting improvement in your supply chain to prevent quality issues from reoccurring in the future.

Greater Scheduling Efficiency

Quality control is integral to your manufacturing and sourcing process, but it can be time-consuming: especially when business partners are not on the same page with their inspection schedules.

Inspection management software can save you a lot of time by automatically assigning jobs to inspectors based on their location, availability and product expertise; as well as eliminate scheduling conflicts and oversights.

Not only will your own sourcing become more streamlined as a result, but your supply chain partners will also appreciate this essential time-saving tool and improved inspection coordination.

5 things you don’t want to miss when choosing your QMS

Download now!

5 things you don’t want to miss when choosing your QMS

Download now!

The Benefits for Customer Satisfaction

The benefits of inspection management software for your own operations are clear--but what can this kind of platform do for your customers?

Inspection management software helps you meet growing customer demand for:

  • Improved efficiency – By cutting down on rework delays and scheduling conflicts, you are saving valuable production cycle time and passing greater delivery speeds along to your customers.
  • Supply chain transparency – Customers will always want high-quality products delivered on time. However, they are also increasingly concerned about the sourcing processes behind the product. When you can trace a product’s journey from its source to the shelf, and provide auditing history to back up your ethical production claims, you give your customers valuable peace of mind that they are buying from a conscientious company.

Key Features to Consider Before Purchasing

To ensure that your chosen inspection management software benefits your business and your consumers, we recommend looking for the following features:

  • Standardized supply chain inspection protocols
  • Customized checklists and workflows for inspectors to follow
  • Real-time inspection monitoring and data sharing
  • Supplier risk assessments
  • Complete supply chain mapping for better transparency

QIMAone and Your Inspection Management Software

The QIMAone inspection management software can help you streamline your quality control processes, save time and money on rework, and regain control over your supply chain.

The QIMAone platform, developed by industry experts and with efficiency in mind, organizes all your inspection essentials under one digital roof, including:

  • Customized QC inspection and factory auditing checklists
  • Automated inspection scheduling
  • QC performance and compliance statistics at every tier
  • Compliance and best practice training materials

Additionally, thanks to its “mobile first” design, the QIMAone platform is perfectly suited built for smartphones, helping you empower inspectors in the field with full access to the platform’s features: including instructional content, real-time communication, and report sharing.

Finally, QIMAone is backed by 15 years of quality and compliance expertise, distilled into easy-to-understand tools and guidance, such as up-to-date inspection checklists for all product categories, best practice training tools (courtesy of the QIMAone Academy), and more.

Want to see QIMAone in action?

Learn more about our platform by scheduling a demo today.

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