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Buyer's guide - How to choose the right quality and compliance platform?

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Why do you need a quality and compliance platform?

Do you need a quality and compliance software solution? And how do you choose the right one for your business?

The first of these questions is easy to answer: if your business has a supply chain, the answer is yes. Whether you’re operating an SME or a multinational corporation, working with a handful of local suppliers or hundreds of factories on multiple continents, a quality and compliance solution is key to having control over your sourcing and delivering high-quality products on time. Despite the many benefits of professional quality and compliance software, almost half of supply chain professionals still rely on old-school methods, such as spreadsheets and emails, to manage their sourcing. If your business is still in that camp, you will find in this guide some of the benefits you are missing out.

What to look for in a quality and compliance platform?

The use of technology to manage supply chains, sourcing and quality has been a hot topic in recent years. For any business with a supply chain, especially one that sources overseas, it has never been more important to adopt a digital quality and compliance solution. At the same time, with a wide selection of software on the market, and new tools appearing seemingly every day, choosing the right platform for your business can be a real challenge.

Here are five key requirements you should look for when choosing a quality and compliance solution. 


Closed-loop performance management is a core requirement for driving lasting improvement in your supply chain. It isn’t enough to simply collect data about your products and suppliers, or even to make one-off interventions based on the insights from the data: instead, lasting improvement relies on a continuous feedback loop of data collection, analysis, intervention, and follow-up.


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