Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control


Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control

Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control


Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control


Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control

Online Quality Management System Software: Simplify Quality Control

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Why do you need online quality management system software?

It's pretty simple, really. Capturing, organizing, and accessing quality control data is one of the biggest challenges that manufacturing companies face today.

Manufacturing products means navigating a complex chain of suppliers, factories, inspectors, and regulators. Each link in the chain needs to be completed with precision or your profit decreases with each mistake.

In the past, quality management systems depended on manual forms, spreadsheets, endless email chains, and unsearchable photo attachments.

However, when applied to today’s intricate global supply chains, these antiquated tools can lead to lost revenue, wasted product, and unhappy customers.

Taking your quality control data online can fix all of that.

In this article, we'll explain why you need accurate and reliable quality control data, how software can help, and what quality control data should be managed with online software.

Why You Need Accurate & Reliable Quality Control Data (and How Software Can Help) 

Online quality management system software can raise your quality standards and boost your bottom line.

A cloud-based software solution for quality management connects all the pieces of your supply chain in one place. This allows you to collect and analyze quality control data in real-time. 

Inspection information is recorded directly into the software and saved in the cloud. Having a central data source, instead of a spreadsheet or someone’s dog-eared notebook, means you can pull up an individual inspection report, annotated sample photos, or overview of any factories performance, in just a few seconds. 

Having all the quality control data at your fingertips lets you ramp up your performance in many different ways:

  • Get data you can trust in seconds, not days or weeks
  • Make informed, proactive decisions to save time and money
  • Build stronger relationships with suppliers, factories, warehouses and vendors
  • Reduce raw material waste, late deliveries and product returns
  • Protect your brand reputation with retail and wholesale customers
  • Avoid regulatory issues, fines and recalls

Follow IKKS footsteps to conquer your sourcing disruptions!

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Follow IKKS footsteps to conquer your sourcing disruptions!

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How Online Software Improves Your Quality Control

An online quality management system software can handle your entire inspection and audit process, including inspection workflows, data collection, and real-time communication between inspectors and managers. Additionally, QC and auditing tasks can be easily assigned to qualified inspectors who are the most familiar with each given product.  

Here are some ways it can improve your data collection, management, and analysis: 

Collect better quality control data

Standardize your inspections

Online quality management system software brings greater consistency to customized inspection workflows. Your chosen inspectors will have ready-made templates to follow based on the product and inspection requirement at hand.

And because your inspectors perform their work using the same platform, you receive their results immediately. This allows you to respond to any issues and correct them before it’s too late.

Give mistake-proof instructions

Online quality management software lets you provide detailed instructions at each step, including photo or video resources, so there is no confusion about how to take a measurement or calculate the AQL for sampling.

Standardized templates, specifically-guided workflows and instant reporting put you and your responsible managers in the best position to recognize problems and fix them before they cost you money.

Manage and access quality control data simply

An online system allows you to put all of your quality control data in one place and keep it organized. You can access any individual report in seconds, without searching through long email chains or clicking through tabs on a super-sized Excel sheet.

You’ll know just where to find the specific piece of data that you’re looking for, and cloud technology lets you access it from anywhere, on any device. Plus, you’ll have a simple, intuitive interface that shows you quality control data at a glance and makes it easy to find the data you’re looking for.

Analyze quality control data in seconds

Digitizing your quality control data will help you quickly and easily spot the costly leaks in your supply chain because it visualizes the performance of your suppliers, factories, and inspectors over time through easy-to-read dashboard reports.

Your online quality management software stores all the data and presents it to you in an actionable form. This allows you to see hard data about which factories are causing you issues and which inspectors or teams are falling behind schedule.

How to Get Started with Online Quality Management System Software

QIMAone is the only online quality control management system built by the industry leaders in quality management and inspections. Our team has performed over 10 million inspections worldwide, and we built our software to serve the specific needs of clients just like you.

If you’re ready to take your quality control management online to deliver higher-quality products, more consistently, then QIMAone is the perfect solution for you.

QIMAone supports manufacturers from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Want to see how it works?

Learn more about QIMAone applications by scheduling a demo today. 

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